Map showing location of Skippers Canyon
23 February 2019
The Commission has opened an investigation into the jet boat accident in Skippers Canyon that occurred 23 February.
The helicopter at the site. TAIC photo
17 February 2019
TAIC has opened an inquiry into a non-fatal accident involving a AS350 (Squirrel) helicopter engaged in firefighting operations near Nelson on 17 February
The accident scene. Photo: Whakatane Beacon
14 February 2019
TAIC's Final Report into a fatal accident involving an empty log train and a refuse collection truck at a level crossing near Kawerau in October 2017 finds the truck very likely did not stop at the stop signs. The truck driver died and the truck was significantly damaged. TAIC recommends law change and immediate work to prune vegetation any vegetation adversely affecting sight lines at level crossings.
The Emerald Princess
17 January 2019
TAIC has published its report on the February 2017 accident in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, on board the passenger cruise ship Emerald Princess, in which a nitrogen cylinder burst, causing one fatality. The cylinder burst below its normal operating pressure, because it had been weakened by corrosion. Nitrogen cylinder stored energy systems are common on lifeboat launching installations for cruise ships, and there is a lack of global minimum standards for them.
ZK-HOJ Credit: Airwork (NZ) Ltd
20 December 2018
The Commission has published an interim report on the recent fatal accident near Wanaka Aerodrome on 18 October 2018. The pilot and the two other occupants died in the accident. TAIC Chief Commissioner Jane Meares says a major safety issue highlighted by the interim report is the risk posed by loose items in the cabins of helicopters.
The accident helicopter
20 December 2018
The report issued today is an interim report, so it includes no formal Findings. All evidence (including of any mast bumping) and the role it may have played in the accident sequence is subject to further investigation.
28 November 2018
In October 2016, the Commission placed an item on its Watchlist titled Robinson helicopters: mast bumping accidents in New Zealand. The item was developed in response to a series of 14 accidents or incidents involving these helicopters (investigated either by the Commission or by the Civil Aviation Authority), including nine where low-G mast bumping is known to have occurred. The Commission sees good progress towards implementation of the actions we were seeking when we first placed this item on the Watchlist. The Commission is encouraged by the efforts taken by the sector since this safety issue has been placed on the Watchlist, particularly the manufacturer’s response to our recommendations, and its demonstrated commitment to safety. The sector must continue its efforts to reduce the risk of mast bumping accidents occurring.
The San Granit at PrimePort Timaru
14 November 2018
TAIC has opened an inquiry into a fatal accident on board the New Zealand-registered factory fishing vessel San Granit. The accident occurred some 55 miles East of Banks Peninsula at about 0400 on 14 November 2018.
The accident helicopter
9 November 2018
TAIC has issued a formal order to protect evidence associated with a fatal accident involving a Hughes 500 helicopter that crashed near the Clutha River on 18 October 2018.
Stephen Davies Howard
26 October 2018
Commissioner Stephen Davies Howard has been appointed Deputy Chief Commissioner from 1 November 2018, replacing Peter McKenzie QC CNZM whose term expires on 31 October. Chief Commissioner Jane Meares said that Mr McKenzie had “made significant contributions of legal wisdom and analytical insight during his tenure”.