News 2016

30 November 2016
The Minister of Transport has announced the appointment of Jane Meares as Chief Commissioner, with her term to expire in October 2021. He has also announced the appointment of senior barrister Richard Marchant as a Commissioner with a term expiring in April 2019.
28 November 2016
The Annual Report of the Transport Accident Investigation Commission for the year ended 30 June 2016 was tabled in Parliament today by the Associate Minister of Transport, Hon Craig Foss.
28 November 2016
The Commission now has four investigators working on the inquiry in the Auckland and Kaipara area. They are being supported by staff at the Commission’s head office in Wellington. The focus at present is gathering information from the survivors, next of kin, police, members of the Kaipara boating community, and the Coastguard.
27 November 2016
Two Commission investigators are in Auckland gathering evidence in​to the accident. They are also being supported by staff in Wellington. The Commission has been monitoring the Police response to the tragedy and liaising with the Police to obtain the necessary information to inform the Commission’s investigation.
26 November 2016
The Transport Accident Investigation Commission has opened an inquiry into this afternoon’s (26 November 2016) marine accident on the Kaipara Harbour. It is tracking the continuing search and rescue operation, and deploying two investigators to the scene who are expected to arrive in the morning.
17 November 2016
The inquiry into this accident in which all seven people on-board died is now nearing the end of its analysis phase and work on drafting the report will begin shortly.
12 September 2016
The Transport Accident Investigation Commission has opened an inquiry into this afternoon's (12 September 2016) landing accident where an AS350 ‘Squirrel” helicopter reportedly rolled over while making a snow landing during a sce​nic flight.
29 August 2016
The Transport Accident Investigation Commission has issued two urgent recommendations concerning the risk assessment process for cruise ships using Tory Channel and the way Maritime New Zealand pilotage requirements are being interpreted.
3 June 2016
The following is an update on progress with the New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission’s inquiry into the fatal helicopter crash on the Fox Glacier in November last year.
31 March 2016
Several items of wreckage from a Eurocopter (Squirrel) helicopter that crashed on Fox Glacier in November last year were recovered yesterday by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission using professional mountaineers and a locally based helicopter.