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Number Recommendation Status Made Closedsort icon Recipient Inquiry
003/19 Marine The responsibility for the safety and security of a vessel moored alongside a harbour wharf lies with both the vessel and the port operator.... Closed 21 Feb 2019 30 Aug 2019 PrimePort Timaru MO-2017-204
011/12 Aviation The use of performance impairing substances is known to have a detrimental effect on the ability of people to safely operate in critical transport... Closed 22 Mar 2012 29 Aug 2019 MoT AO-2010-009
005/11 Marine Until legislation is made setting limits for and testing of alcohol and other performance impairing substances for recreational and commercial boat... Closed 22 Oct 2010 29 Aug 2019 MoT MO-2009-201
008/14 Rail None of KiwiRail's staff involved with loading and securing the wagon body was sufficiently familiar with the KiwiRail Freight Handling Code to... Closed 17 Mar 2014 26 Jul 2019 KiwiRail RO-2012-101
024/17 Rail On 24 August 2017, the Commission recommended that the Chief Executive of KiwiRail review its change management processes to ensure that changes in... Closed 24 Aug 2017 26 Jul 2019 KiwiRail RO-2016-102
003/10 Marine Address with the commercial jet boat industry that in spite of the requirements under Maritime Rules Part 80 and other safety initiatives taken by... Closed 8 Feb 2010 27 Jun 2019 MNZ MO-2008-207
013/08 Marine Ensure that the current review of safe ship management, and, the amendments to Maritime Rules Part 21 and Part 46 results in: -Safe ship... Closed 20 Mar 2008 31 May 2019 MNZ MO-2006-204
022/09 Marine Address the safety issue whereby crew who hold certificates of equivalency that allow them to crew small coastal vessels are not required to have... Closed 21 May 2009 31 May 2019 MNZ MO-2008-202
025/11 Marine The issue of serious harm resulting from the operation of watertight doors remains a safety issue that has not been resolved by the maritime industry... Closed 26 Oct 2010 31 May 2019 MNZ MO-2009-202
019/11 Marine Critical components in a fixed CO2 gas fire fighting system such as control valves can cause serious harm or immobilise a vessel if they fail. It is... Closed 2 Aug 2011 31 May 2019 MNZ MO-2010-203