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Number Recommendation Status Made Closedsort icon Recipient Inquiry
079/93 Aviation That the requirement for the carriage of flight data recorders be extended to include a basic FDR or CVR (where the aircraft is operated with more... Closed 10 Nov 1993 24 Jun 2015 CAA AO-1993-014
047/03 Aviation Implement a FMS software change on all various Boeing aircraft models that ensures any entries (such as V speeds and gross weight) that are... Closed 24 Oct 2003 24 Jun 2015 Boeing AO-2003-003
050/03 Aviation Develop guidelines for the use of the third pilot, for the times one is carried. Closed 31 Oct 2003 24 Jun 2015 Singapore International Airlines AO-2003-003
023/06 Aviation Revise the GAP booklet "Winter Flying" to emphasise that hard ice will not be removed by brushing. Closed 12 May 2006 24 Jun 2015 CAA AO-2005-008
053/07 Aviation Use this accident to educate pilots on appropriate landing and braking techniques, especially for remote and restricted length aerodromes. Closed 25 Feb 2008 24 Jun 2015 CAA AO-2007-003
001/14 Aviation On 26 February 2014 the Commission recommended to the Director of Civil Aviation that he apply stricter requirements upon holders of air operator... Closed 26 Feb 2014 24 Jun 2015 CAA AO-2011-006
002/14 Aviation On 26 February 2014 the Commission recommended to the Chief Executive of the Thames-Coromandel District Council that the council establish accurate... Closed 26 Feb 2014 24 Jun 2015 Thames Coromandel DC AO-2011-006
082/91 Aviation An Airworthiness Directive be issued in respect of the harness inertia reel assembly of the Hughes 369 Series helicopter outlining appropriate... Closed 29 Jan 1992 27 May 2015 ATD MoT AO-1990-004T
031/93 Aviation That legislation be introduced to enable Police and Civil Aviation Authority personnel to require a pilot suspected to be under the influence of... Closed 21 Mar 1993 27 May 2015 CAA AO-1992-022
072/94 Aviation He modify the sector of Victor 9 to the south-west of Taieri Aerodrome in terms of its boundaries and altitude to improve separation between... Closed 15 Sep 1994 27 May 2015 CAA AO-1994-019