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Number Recommendation Status Made Closedsort icon Recipient Inquiry
010/05 Rail In conjunction with New Zealand Railways Corporation critically review current track and mechanical code standards and maintenance tolerances to... Closed 4 Apr 2005 29 Mar 2017 Toll NZ Consolidated RO-2003-114
029/09 Rail The current track and mechanical code standards and maintenance tolerances are not compatible and there remains a high risk of derailments caused by... Closed 19 Aug 2009 29 Mar 2017 NZTA RO-2007-115
017/10 Rail Standards for maximum working hours and minimum rest periods on the train control roster could result in a train controller being fatigued at the... Closed 21 Jul 2010 29 Mar 2017 NZTA RO-2008-110
014/13 Rail The Commission recommends that the Chief Executive of KiwiRail ensures that train control management has appropriate arrangements in place to: -... Closed 26 Sep 2013 29 Mar 2017 KiwiRail RO-2011-102
006/13 Rail At the time of this incident KiwiRail’s safety system could not ensure that infrastructure staff were competent to perform their roles, and could not... Closed 22 Mar 2013 29 Mar 2017 NZTA RO-2011-103
093/99 Aviation Submit for approval a rule change for flight under visual flight rules in uncontrolled airspace by medium and large air transport aircraft, making... Closed 18 Apr 2000 24 Feb 2017 CAA AO-1999-005
023/02 Aviation Implement previous safety recommendations 078/93 and 033/97, which stated: The training syllabus for the New Zealand Commercial Pilot Licence (... Closed 19 Jul 2002 24 Feb 2017 CAA AO-2002-001
024/02 Aviation Include in Advisory Circulars detailed mountain-flying training guidance information, to assist operators who conduct routine commercial operations... Closed 19 Jul 2002 24 Feb 2017 CAA AO-2002-001
051/02 Aviation Enhance the policy and procedures for aircrew licensing written examinations, their purpose and construction, and the criteria that is applied to... Closed 30 Nov 2002 24 Feb 2017 CAA AO-2002-006
050/04 Aviation Ensure that, in addition to the current installation and operating requirements, all CVRs and FDRs are periodically interrogated to ratify the... Closed 11 Aug 2004 24 Feb 2017 CAA AO-2003-006