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Number Recommendation Status Made Closedsort icon Recipient Inquiry
032/07 Aviation Require Airways to ensure controllers always confirm that pilots acknowledge receipt of the current ATIS broadcast. Closed 23 Oct 2007 1 Dec 2017 CAA AO-2007-001
033/07 Aviation Instruct Emirates to educate all its pilots to always strictly apply normal checking procedures, to thoroughly scrutinize all the available flight... Closed 23 Oct 2007 1 Dec 2017 CAA AO-2007-001
034/07 Aviation That the Director of Civil Aviation satisfies himself that the aerodrome operating certificate holders for major airports in New Zealand have... Closed 23 Oct 2007 1 Dec 2017 CAA AO-2007-001
020/09 Marine Through the approval process for New Zealand port and harbour safety management systems, encourage port companies and administrations responsible for... Closed 21 May 2009 1 Dec 2017 MNZ MO-2008-202
004/10 Marine Address with the commercial jet boat industry that in spite of the requirements under Maritime Rules Part 80 and other safety initiatives taken by... Closed 8 Feb 2010 1 Dec 2017 MNZ MO-2008-207
020/15 Aviation On 25 February 2016 the Commission recommended that the Director of Civil Aviation, in conjunction with the chief executive of Airways, check that... Closed 25 Feb 2016 25 Oct 2017 CAA AO-2013-006
056/99 Aviation Initiate rule making to require information to be available and visible to passengers on air transport flights, such as on cards in seat pockets,... Closed 2 Nov 1999 27 Sep 2017 CAA AO-1999-004
007/07 Aviation Ensure that the Chief Executive of Air New Zealand and other New Zealand operators of Boeing 737 aircraft review and enhance emergency training... Closed 5 Jun 2007 27 Sep 2017 CAA AO-2006-003
018/17 Aviation Skydive Taupo did not equip its parachute drop pilots with lifejackets and was not required to do so, because its flights from Taupō aerodrome, which... Closed 28 Jun 2017 27 Sep 2017 Skydive Taupo AO-2015-001
022/14 Rail KiwiRail's Risk Management Policy for "continuity of core services" did not give proper consideration to the safety of passengers and... Closed 29 Oct 2014 24 Aug 2017 KiwiRail RO-2012-102