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Number Recommendation Status Made Closed Recipientsort icon Inquiry
041/06 Marine Obtain a copy of and implement on board all vessels operated by his company the "Safety Guidelines for Small Commercial Fishing Vessels" as... Open 28 Nov 2006 Adventure Fishing Co Ltd MO-2006-203
021/18 Aviation On 23 August 2018 the Commission is therefore recommending that the Chief Executive Officer of Airways review the current practices of aerodrome... Open 23 Aug 2018 Airways Corp AO-2015-009
038/05 Aviation Include in the flight training programme for company helicopter pilots, slign load re-currency training as part their annual proficiency training... Open 31 May 2005 Alpine Adventures AO-2004-009
027/13 Marine Most of the Fullers vessels operate in enclosed or inshore limits, and in areas frequently plied by other ferries and recreational vessels. In the... Open 16 Dec 2013 Auckland Council MO-2011-203
063/05 Aviation Examine runway visual indications with the objective of providing additional visual reminders to pilots that a displaced threshold is in operation. Open 13 May 2005 Auckland International Airport AO-2004-006
019/15 Aviation On 1 February 2016 the Commission recommended that the chief executive of Auckland International Airport Limited, in conjunction with the chief... Open 1 Feb 2016 Auckland International Airport AO-2013-006
106/00 Marine Require all ferry operators offering scheduled ferry services within Auckland enclosed water limits to submit for approval to the council a detailed... Open 3 Nov 2000 Auckland RC MO-2000-205
107/00 Marine Establish the main ferry routes within Auckland enclosed water limits and arrange to have them marked on the appropriate charts with an appropriate... Open 3 Nov 2000 Auckland RC MO-2000-205
026/03 Marine Introduce restrictions on boats operating without motorised propulsion during future special maritime events where concentrations of spectator craft... Open 31 Jul 2003 Auckland RC MO-2003-202
027/03 Marine Include in future publications for special maritime events advice on the effects of wake produced by large concentrations of craft. Such advice... Open 31 Jul 2003 Auckland RC MO-2003-202