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Number Recommendation Status Made Closedsort icon Recipient Inquiry
050/01 Aviation Establish a system to ensure proper monitoring and control of service bulletins. Open 17 Oct 2001 FlightLine Aviation AO-2001-003
051/01 Aviation Review Flightline's Rolls-Royce Allison 250-C20B engine trouble-shooting procedures, and ensure comprehensive fault diagnosis is carried out... Open 17 Oct 2001 FlightLine Aviation AO-2001-003
063/05 Aviation Examine runway visual indications with the objective of providing additional visual reminders to pilots that a displaced threshold is in operation. Open 13 May 2005 Auckland International Airport AO-2004-006
038/05 Aviation Include in the flight training programme for company helicopter pilots, slign load re-currency training as part their annual proficiency training... Open 31 May 2005 Alpine Adventures AO-2004-009
104/05 Aviation Arrange for Piper Service Bulletin SB 893 "Nose Gear Centering Attach Bolt" to be amended, so that the instruction step 6©, which is to... Open 22 Dec 2005 The New Piper Aircraft Inc AO-2005-007
036/08 Aviation The Commission has determined that the current format of the CAA's audit and surveillance programme might not be effective for determining the... Open 18 Dec 2008 CAA AO-2006-007
007/08 Aviation Circulate a summary of this report to industry to highlight the safety benefits of using resources, both inside and outside the cockpit, to manage... Open 4 Mar 2008 CAA AO-2007-004
012/09 Aviation Take action to address the safety issues discussed in the recommendations of the specialist independent aeronautical engineer's review of the... Open 23 Apr 2009 CAA AO-2007-010
007/09 Aviation Address the safety issue whereby the Civil Aviation Rules are silent on the use of cellphones during critical phases of flight by pilots of aircraft... Open 19 Mar 2009 CAA AO-2007-012
008/09 Aviation Address the practical difficulties of conducting competency checks for pilots of singleseat aircraft that have led to a degree of disregard for some... Open 19 Mar 2009 CAA AO-2007-012