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Number Recommendation Status Madesort icon Closed Recipient Inquiry
021/10 Aviation The Mercer PDA is near a busy international and domestic airport and close to the tracks flown by aircraft flying from Auckland to Tauranga, which... Open 21 Jul 2010 CAA AO-2009-005
022/10 Aviation Air traffic control is a highly safety-critical function of the aviation system, yet the process by which Airways ensured that workplace practices... Open 21 Jul 2010 CAA AO-2009-005
023/10 Aviation The NOSS showed that the number of communication errors by both controllers and pilots, particularly for the Auckland Terminal sector, was unusually... Open 21 Jul 2010 CAA AO-2009-005
024/10 Aviation The controllers were unaware of the activation of the STCA, which remained illuminated for about 30 seconds before the 2 aircraft crossed. The STCA... Open 21 Jul 2010 CAA AO-2009-005
025/10 Aviation This incident highlighted a number of individual failures in the system for managing aircraft separation within the Auckland Terminal sector, the... Open 21 Jul 2010 CAA AO-2009-005
026/10 Marine During the Picton berthing occurrence the master was captive to the propeller pitch controls and could not totally oversee the second officer who was... Open 22 Jul 2010 MNZ MO-2008-206
027/10 Marine The operator's system for planned maintenance and repair neither accurately record the history of inspection and repair, nor ensured the proper... Open 22 Jul 2010 MNZ MO-2008-206
036/10 Aviation Inquiries into this and previous incidents involving air traffic controllers have relied on radar and radiotelephone recordings, and the statements... Open 18 Aug 2010 CAA AO-2009-005
035/10 Rail The National Rail System Standard has not been fully reviewed since they were established in 2004. Once the status of the standards and its Committee... Open 19 Aug 2010 MoT RO-2007-105
037/10 Aviation The Commission recommends that the Director of Civil Aviation as a matter of urgency alerts all pilots and operators using the Fletcher FU24-954... Open 13 Sep 2010 CAA AO-2010-009