Aviation 023/02

Status: Closed
Recommendation Date: 
19 July 2002
Recipient Name: 
Date Closed: 
24 February 2017
Implement previous safety recommendations 078/93 and 033/97, which stated:

The training syllabus for the New Zealand Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) be amended to include "Mountainous-terrain flight training" and the extent of training required be similar to that already specified in the case of Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter), and the requirement be applicable prior to the validation or conversion of foreign Pilot Licences to equivalent New Zealand Pilot Licence[s] (078/93);

Include mountain-flying in the training syllabus for Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Licences (Aeroplane), as is the case for helicopter licences (033/97).
Reply Text:
I will not accept the recommendation as worded, however I have initiated a Rule change in the current review of Part 61 to include mountain-flying training as a requirement for pilot licensing. This matter has already been considered by an Industry and CAA Technical Study Group and a Notice of Proposed Rule Making is currently being drafted for public consultation in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Act. The implementation of a final rule is therefore not expected before 2003.
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