Rail 017/10

Status: Closed
Recommendation Date: 
21 July 2010
Recipient Name: 
Date Closed: 
29 March 2017
Standards for maximum working hours and minimum rest periods on the train control roster could result in a train controller being fatigued at the start of a shift even in the absence of any other fatigue-inducing factors. The train control roster policy including, but not limited to, standards for maximum working hours and minimum rest periods should be reviewed to ensure it is designed to mitigate fatigue and promote wellness.
Reply Text:
We intend to work closely with KiwiRail with an aim to implementing and closing these recommendations as soon as practicable.
Discussion on them will commence on the publication of the report and will be ongoing. Any outstanding Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) recommendations also form an integral part of our annual safety assessments of the rail industry.
When these discussions are concluded and the appropriate evidence has been gathered, we will be liaising with TAIC with a view to closing these safety recommendations.
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