Rail 014/13

Status: Closed
Recommendation Date: 
26 September 2013
Recipient Name: 
Date Closed: 
29 March 2017
The Commission recommends that the Chief Executive of KiwiRail ensures that train control management has appropriate arrangements in place to:
- detect and manage stress and fatigue, including appropriate training and education;
- remind train controllers about the importance of eating properly and regularly during their shifts; and
- provide train controllers with proper and regular rest breaks during their shifts.
Reply Text:
Recommendations 013/13, 014/13, 015/13 and 016/13 made to the Chief Executive of KiwiRail are accepted. Recommendation 017/13 directed to the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency is noted. KiwiRail will begin discussions with the NZ Transport Agency on the strategies to implement these recommendations upon release of this report. Details on these strategies along with projected timeframes for implementation will be advised to the Commission.
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