Rail RO-2007-108

Express freight Train 720, track warrant overrun at Seddon, Main North Line, 12 May 2007
Status: Closed
Legacy Inquiry Number: 
Occurrence Date: 
12 May 2007
Report Publication Date: 
16 April 2009
Jurisdiction: NZ
On Saturday 12 May 2007, at 0400, northbound express freight Train 720 travelled past Seddon towards Vernon on the Main North Line without the authority of a track warrant issued from train control.
The locomotive engineer did not stop on the main line at Seddon as required and obtain a new track warrant to travel beyond Seddon. Southbound Train 723 was sitting on the loop when Train 720 passed through Seddon. There were no other conflicting movements and as a result there was no damage or injury.
Safety issues identified were:-
• management of fatigue in train operations
• detecting sleep disorders
• locomotive engineer vigilance systems
• crew resource management
• monitoring of rail vehicles on non-track-circuited sections of the controlled network.
Four safety recommendations have been made to the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Transport Agency to address theses issues.
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Seddon, Main North Line (-41.6810,174.0814) [may be approximate]