Rail RO-2002-112

"Rain Forest Express", passenger fell from moving train, Tunnel 29, Nihotupu Tramline, Waitakere, 4 May 2002
Status: Closed
Legacy Inquiry Number: 
Occurrence Date: 
4 May 2002
Report Publication Date: 
20 December 2002
Jurisdiction: NZ
On Saturday 4 May 2002, at approximately 1150, a child fell from a carriage of Train 1337, the Rain Forest Express, while it was travelling through Tunnel 29 on the Nihotupu Tramline. The child was seriously injured when he was crushed between a 610 mm diameter water pipeline and the moving train.

The safety issues identified were:
• the lack of physical constraints on passenger carriages to prevent passengers from falling out while the train was in motion
• the adequacy and construction of the compartment doors
• the staffing of the train
• the effectiveness of the risk analysis assessment procedure

One safety recommendation was made to the operator.
Related Safety Recommendation(s):
Waitakere Ranges near Auckland (-36.9474,174.6148) [may be approximate]