Marine MO-2019-203

The Coresky OL. Photo Jackie Pritchard
The Coresky OL. Photo Jackie Pritchard
Panama-registered bulk log carrier Coresky OL, cargo lashing fatality, Port of Gisborne, 3 April 2019
Status: Current
Occurrence Date: 
3 April 2019
The Commission has opened an inquiry into a fatal accident that occurred in the Port of Gisborne at 0145 on Wednesday 3 April 2019 on the Panama-registered bulk carrier Coresky OL.

Circumstances reported were that the crew were lashing a stack of logs to the deck of the ship. They were using a ship’s crane to tighten wire ropes on the stack, when a wire rope broke and recoiled, striking a crew member. One crew member died from their injuries and another was injured.

[As initially reported, subject to change, not official findings.]
Port of Gisborne (-38.6759,178.0220) [may be approximate]