Aviation AO-2018-006

A photo of the accident helicopter taken April 2013. Copyright Patrick Weis
The accident helicopter in April 2013. Copyright Patrick Weis
Robinson R44 Helicopter, ZK-HTB, collision with lake, Wanaka, 21 July 2018
Status: Current
Occurrence Date: 
21 July 2018
This inquiry is ongoing. The circumstances reported to date are that a Robinson R44 helicopter was on a short 15-minute flight from Wanaka Aerodrome to the Minaret Station when it disappeared from the flight tracking system and was reported overdue. Searchers found an oil slick on the lake surface and some debris was seen in the vicinity. The Commission is currently in the evidence gathering phase of its inquiry.
Wanaka (-44.5900,169.1286) [may be approximate]