Aviation AO-2007-001

Boeing 777-300ER, A6-EBC, incorrect thrust and configuration for take-off, Auckland, 22 March 2007
Status: Closed
Legacy Inquiry Number: 
Occurrence Date: 
22 March 2007
Report Publication Date: 
22 November 2007
Jurisdiction: NZ
On Thursday 22 March 2007 at 1615, A6 EBC, an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER, with 357 passengers, 16 cabin crew and 2 pilots on board, started its take off on runway 05 Right at Auckland International Airport bound for Sydney.
The pilots misunderstood that the runway length had been reduced during a period of runway works and started their take-off with less engine thrust and flap than were required. During the take-off they saw work vehicles in the distance on the runway and, realising something was amiss, immediately applied full engine thrust and got airborne within the available runway length and cleared the work vehicles by about 28 metres.
Safety issues identified included pilot checking processes, the way information critical to the safety of a flight was presented and air traffic control procedures. Safety recommendations to address these issues were made to the Director of Civil Aviation.
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Auckland Int'l Airport (-37.0099,174.7938) [may be approximate]