Aviation AO-2006-005

Gippsland Aeronautics GA8 Airvan, ZK-KLC, partial engine failure, Cook Strait, 27 November 2006
Status: Closed
Legacy Inquiry Number: 
Occurrence Date: 
27 November 2006
Report Publication Date: 
14 August 2008
Jurisdiction: NZ
On 27 November 2006, about 8 minutes after departing Wellington airport on a scheduled flight to Kaikoura with one passenger, the pilot of a Gippsland Aeronautics GA8 aircraft, registered ZK-KLC, felt the engine misfire and saw that the oil pressure had reduced. The pilot immediately returned to Wellington and made a safe landing.

The engine had major internal damage, which the evidence indicated had started with the failure of an exhaust valve tappet. The cause of the tappet failure was not determined.

A safety issue was identified with regard to the risk of ditching that was associated with over-water air transport operations with single-engine aircraft. A safety recommendation was made to the Director of Civil Aviation regarding operator compliance with life raft rules.
Related Safety Recommendation(s):
Cook Strait (-41.3974,174.6853) [may be approximate]