Aviation AO-2003-006

Convair 580, ZK-KFU, loss of control and in-flight break-up, Kapiti Coast, 3 October 2003
Status: Closed
Legacy Inquiry Number: 
Occurrence Date: 
3 October 2003
Report Publication Date: 
8 September 2004
Jurisdiction: NZ
On Friday 3 October 2003 at 2126, Convair 580 ZK-KFU was on a scheduled night freight flight from Christchurch to Palmerston North, when it was observed on radar to enter a tightening left turn and disappear. Attempts to contact the aircraft were unsuccessful and a search for the aircraft was started.

The aircraft had impacted the sea about 10 km north of Paraparaumu about vertically and at high speed. The crew of 2 was killed on impact.

After crossing Cook Strait the aircraft probably became heavily iced up while descending through an area of severe icing, and stalled after flying level for a short time. The crew was unable to recover from the ensuing spiral dive and the aircraft broke up as it descended.

Safety issues identified included:

• the need for all pilots and operators to have a better understanding of aircraft icing
• the use of air reports to alert pilots to hazardous meteorological conditions
• the adequacy of aircraft, operator and CAA documentation to assist pilots encountering adverse weather conditions, particularly for IFR and night freight operators in icing conditions
• the adequacy of the installation, performance and capabilities of cockpit voice and flight data recorders
• the requirement for a suitable tracking device to be readily available to find underwater location beacons.

Safety recommendations were made to the Director of Civil Aviation and the operator to address these issues.
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Kapiti Coast (-40.8214,175.0199) [may be approximate]