Aviation AO-1991-010

SAAB SF340A ZK-FXC, passenger walked into a stationary propeller blade, Wellington Aerodrome, 10 April 1991
Status: Closed
Legacy Inquiry Number: 
Occurrence Date: 
10 April 1991
Report Publication Date: 
7 October 1991
Jurisdiction: NZ
During boarding in adverse weather conditions for a flight from Wellington to Tauranga, a passenger was pushed sideways by a wind gust as she approached the airstair. Attempting to regain her balance, she walked into a blade tip of the four bladed left propeller which had been feathered on shutdown and was stationary but had been partially rotated by the wind from the normal parked position. The passenger received a cut forehead which required 13 stitches. Safety recommendations were made to the Airport company and the Operator.
Related Safety Recommendation(s):
Wellington Aerodrome (-41.3272,174.8052) [may be approximate]