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Number Recommendation Status Made Closedsort icon Recipient Inquiry
012/14 Marine Member States are required to undergo five-yearly independent evaluations of their seafarer training systems. However, those evaluations remain... Closed 20 Nov 2014 27 Jul 2016 MNZ MO-2011-204
002/15 Marine The wire pennants parted under tensile overload because they had all been significantly weakened by severe corrosion. Corrosion had gone undetected... Closed 26 Feb 2015 27 Jul 2016 MNZ MO-2014-202
019/12 Marine A working bridge watch navigational and alarm system should have been fitted to the Anatoki to mitigate the known risk of one-man bridge operations.... Closed 29 Mar 2012 23 Jun 2016 MNZ MO-2010-202
020/14 Rail The stop block installed at Melling was a solid concrete block with a limited ability to absorb impact forces. It was physically shifted in the first... Closed 1 Jul 2014 23 Jun 2016 KiwiRail RO-2014-103
021/14 Rail The stop block at Melling was mounted directly in front of the terminal (last) pole supporting the high-voltage overhead contact wire for the... Closed 1 Jul 2014 16 Dec 2015 KiwiRail RO-2014-103
054/07 Aviation Require operators to provide an approved serviceable wind indicating device at remote airstrips used frequently for commercial operations, to allow... Closed 25 Feb 2008 4 Dec 2015 CAA AO-2007-003
019/14 Rail The Commission further recommends that KiwiRail assess all other terminating stations on the controlled network throughout New Zealand and similarly... Closed 1 Jul 2014 23 Sep 2015 KiwiRail RO-2014-103
024/06 Aviation Instruct his pilots to perform a tactile check before take-off, when conditions dictate, to ensure that critical surfaces are free of contaminants... Closed 12 May 2006 26 Aug 2015 Fiordland Experience Group Ltd AO-2005-008
025/06 Aviation Equip each of his aircraft with adequate means of securing baggage and cargo. Closed 12 May 2006 26 Aug 2015 Fiordland Experience Group Ltd AO-2005-008
026/06 Aviation Amend his standard load plans to specify the baggage or cargo conditions that must be met if pilots are to rely on the plans to keep the centre of... Closed 12 May 2006 26 Aug 2015 Fiordland Experience Group Ltd AO-2005-008