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Number Recommendation Status Made Closed Recipientsort icon Inquiry
009/17 Aviation A safety issue identified during the inquiry was the widespread practice of allowing passengers to leave and return to helicopters parked on snow... Open 28 Jun 2017 CAA AO-2013-010
027/18 Aviation This accident was the result of fine clay particles within the engine fuel system causing a momentary reduction in engine power. Fuel contamination... Open 24 Oct 2018 CAA AO-2016-008
019/17 Aviation The medical practitioners associated with the care of the instructor, and many of the others spoken to during the course of the investigation, were... Open 28 Jun 2017 CAA AO-2015-002R
020/17 Aviation Section 27C(1) of the Civil Aviation Act requires medical practitioners to inform the Director if they believe a person is a licence holder and is... Open 28 Jun 2017 CAA AO-2015-002R
021/17 Aviation The medical examiner did not, and saw no reason to, contact the instructor's GP as part of the medical assessment process. Had he done so, it is... Open 28 Jun 2017 CAA AO-2015-002R
020/18 Aviation On 23 August 2018 the Commission is therefore recommending that the Director of Civil Aviation raise public awareness of the VFR traffic around the... Open 23 Aug 2018 CAA AO-2015-009
002/19 Aviation The CAA said that it had put in place changes in policy and training for its inspectors by February 2014. Leading up to that date, and afterwards,... Open 21 Feb 2019 CAA AO-2015-007
010/14 Marine On board the Rena, the master and crew were not following the navigation and watchkeeping standards and procedures set down in the Rena's safety... Open 19 Nov 2014 CIEL Shipmanagement S.A. MO-2011-204
053/05 Marine Initiate a training regime for the crew of the 'Southern Winds' to include, but not be limited to, electronic navigation aids and blind... Open 22 Jun 2005 Department of Conservation MO-2004-215
001/18 Marine On 23 February 2018 the Commission recommended that, given the potentially harsh and sensitive environment in the sub-Antarctic islands and the... Open 23 Feb 2018 Department of Conservation MO-2017-201