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Rail Safety Recommendations

This page displays a list of safety recommendations that relate to the rail mode.  You can use the filter tool to refine the results and to search for keywords within the text of each recommendation.

Urgent safety recommendations

Urgent safety recommendations released publicly in advance of a final report are available here until release of a final report at which time they are incorporated into the database.


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Safety Recommendation 002/12
Issued To NZTA on 28 Mar 12
The Commission recommends to the Chief Executive of the NZ Transport Agency that he requires the Executive of the National Rail System Standard to develop standards to ensure that all rail participants meet a consistently high level of crew resource management, and communication that includes the use of standard rail phraseology (002/12).
Implementation Status: Open
Reply: We intend to work closely with the National Rail System Standard (NRSS) Executive with an aim to implementing and closing out this recommendation as soon as practicable. The NZ Transport Agency sits of the NRSS Executive as an observer. We will also consider a strategy for rail operators outside the NRSS coverage.

Safety Recommendation 035/10
Issued To MoT on 19 Aug 10
the National Rail System Standard has not been fully reviewed since they were established in 2004. Once the status of the standards and its Committee has been established then an independent review of the standards should be conducted to determine if they are still applicable to the New Zealand rail industry, and to ensure if they are representative of standards set in other comparative countries operating modern rail systems.
Implementation Status: Open
Reply: The Ministry accepts this recommendation

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