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Rail Safety Recommendations

This page displays a list of safety recommendations that relate to the rail mode.  You can use the filter tool to refine the results and to search for keywords within the text of each recommendation.

Urgent safety recommendations

Urgent safety recommendations released publicly in advance of a final report are available here until release of a final report at which time they are incorporated into the database.


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Safety Recommendation 094/04
Issued To Toll NZ Consolidated on 08 Mar 05
Introduce a regime to provide unique identification of each bogie to enable the tracking of its operational and maintenance history.
Implementation Status: Open
Reply: For the last few years, both Hillside and Hutt workshops have been marking and recording serial numbers on bogies when they are overhauled. Subsequently we can trace when and where a bogie was last overhauled if it is involved in an incident. However it will be several years before all bogies have gone through a workshop for overhaul, to have a serial number assigned.

We are not recording which wagons these serialised bogies are going into, although bogies are checked at a two-yearly C-check and also whenever a bogie is swapped. At this time bogie wear limits are programmed into Alstom?s computer system, which creates alerts for more regular checks as the bogie nears its limit.

As bogies are changed based on condition (rather than kilometres travelled or time in service), we are unsure how the serialisation of bogies would help prevent a similar incident.

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